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Recognizing Anniversaries


Graeme Byrd's thoughts, stories and adventures. Lessons from life.

Recognizing Anniversaries

Graeme Byrd

As the first weekend of May passed I've been thinking about anniversaries as it is an important one for me. A year ago I moved to Vancouver, BC. My fiancée (now wife) had accepted a job in Vancouver and as two US Citizens we made the move across the 49th Parallel (after all the necessary government paperwork was approved).

As a society we honor, recognize or celebrate the anniversarires of lots of things. Some times these are anniversaries of major large events (positive and negative) or personal events. But why do we do so?

The anniversary of our relocation to Vancouver, BC was a personal one to celebrate (as is our wedding anniversary in roughly 6 months - yes, I remember the exact date). But we don't just look at it as a day to lift our drink and toast the occasion. Anniversaries are far more important as they are a time for us to reflect on where we have come since that occasion and to lay down new dreams/goals for the path we want to move forward on. On the slopes at Whistler I took time to think about journey that brought us to this great city and where my skis might take me in the future. 

So when you are celebrating the next anniversary, don't just pick up that glass to toast the occasion, but think about where your path will take you. There are lots of anniversaries to honor and celebrate throughout the year - all good reminders to reflect and remember to be happy.

I ponder...what does year 2 in Vancouver have to offer us?