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Cold as...


Graeme Byrd's thoughts, stories and adventures. Lessons from life.

Cold as...

Graeme Byrd

There has been ice on the ground in Vancouver for weeks and the temperatures have remained below freezing most of the time (currently the thermometer shows 1°C / 34°F - so just above freezing). It has been beautiful - some of the best skiing I've ever had at Whistler due to the great snow. And the clear skies over the city have created spectacular views...but I just can't get Paul Kelly's song out of my head...Cold as Canada.

I have experienced cold weather before - I went dog sledding in the Arctic Circle (in Northern Sweden) - but it was different. I'm now in my 3rd winter in Vancouver (north of the 49th parallel) and one that is not like the others - more snow, more below freezing temps and better views of the mountains. Truly an interesting winter already - the city has a salt shortage and they opened a park lake for ice skating (first time in 20 years). What next?

So if you need me, I'll be enjoying the cold outdoors listening to some Paul Kelly as I've gained a new appreciation for this song as I experience my 3rd winter in Canada.